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Noam welcome screen

Desktop Application Design  |  User Research  |  User Experience Design  |  Visual Design

Do you have multiple cloud accounts to store documents?
Have you spent forever to find a document?
Have you ever read through a long document to find an answer for your business?
That is what we designed for.


About Noam
Noam by uses NLP(natural language processing) to provide answers to inquiries within business documents. The service intercepts incoming questions, extracts potential answers, and delivers them to the users through a website. was launched by Luke Gotszling in 2014.

Find Noam's use cases and redesign its question and answering interface, enabling it to greatly improve users' efficiency when searching for information from a large volume of documents.

Design a desktop software that allows users to find an answer in their documents that are stored in multiple cloud services, without uploading any files to Noam.

Our Group

Na An
Na An
Katie Weinholt
Katie Weinholt
Dylan Tushar
Dylan Tushar

My Role

  • Clarified business goals with the founder.
  • Checked implementation feasibilities with engineers.
  • Explored potential use cases via user interviews.
  • Set up plans and milestones to keep the project on track.
  • Made initial sketches and prototype.

3 weeks

The design process

The design process


1 week  |  Business Research  | Competitive Analysis  |  User Research  |  User Personas

Business Research

We interviewed Luke in-person, who is both the CEO and the developer of Noam. We learned about why and how he founded the company, the technologies he incorporated, and who he thought his competitors are in the market, which helped us further understand the business and get more inspirations for user research.

Current Noam Website
p5 Sample Questions
Competitive Analysis
User Research

We conducted Google surveys and in-person interviews to better understand what people really need and what their pain points are.

Google Survey

Do you find it easy to search for files on your computer?

where does your company store documents?
where does your company store documents?
Affinity Map
Major Takeaways
Spider mapping from user research
The Problems
Persona Development

We developed three personas base on what we knew of what Noam can do and our assumptions about who it will benefit the most.

Primary persona
Major takeaways


2 days  |  Use Cases  |  Sitemap

Use Cases

Law, education, design, marketing, architecture, HR, medical, etc.


After research is being carried out, we proposed to Luke that Noam should either be a desktop application or a Browser Extension, in terms of its use cases. We confirmed about the difficulties and expenses in doing so with luke and got his permission for our next step design decision. The first step before the ideation process is designing the sitemap of Noam.

Design + Testing

1 week  |  Lo-Fi Wireframing  | Usability Testing  |  User Flows

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Each of us drew an initial idea on paper and we discussed together and combined our lo-fi prototype on a whiteboard.

Granting access to clouds
Main interface for Q&A
Interface for locating files
Usability Testing and Iterations

From feedback gathered, participants felt that the toggle button looks like percentages instead of buttons, so we incorporated the macOs UI guidelines. Besides, users weren’t sure why there was an “i” button, and they didn’t like the extra step of clicking the ‘i” button and wanted to go straight to the source of the answer.

Participants also commented that there is no back button once they are on the Q & A page.

Below is the first round of iterations we did base on the feedback we received.

Granting access to clouds
Main interface for Q&A
More Iterations

We showed our first prototype to Luke(CEO and developer). He suggested that the toggling function in access authorization could be super expensive and difficult to implement, so we changed it to a one-time authorization function.

We continued testing on more people, and we got more precious feedback. Users did not feel like they could search again with the question still there, so we took out the question from the Q&A page and leave it empty. Users also felt there was too much white space below the search bar for the main page, we readjusted the size of the drop-down window to avoid the huge white space, we did some research on the technical difficulties before making that decision, too.

Authorizations for clouds
Main interface for Q&A
User Flow Example
User flow for Q&A between a lawyer and noam

Delivery + Reflection

3 days  |  Page Annotation  |  Hi-Fi Prototype  |  Presentation

Annotation for Q&A page
Hi-Fi Prototype

We delivered a very successful presentation to our client -- Luke, the CEO of Noam.

Our engagement has been recognized for helping raise the need for Noam within the business and truly demonstrate the value of experience design.


This was the first design project I'd ever worked for a real business — which was an absolute struggle due to the need for the balance between business and users goals. Our team was really helpful and supportable to each other during the process. It was also quite difficult at times because we have to make sure about the cost and difficulties in technological issues back and forth. However, we were able to collaborate throughout every step of the project as we held a common goal and vision. In the end, we were able to create a digital product that is not only user-friendly but also meets the business goals.

Further Thoughts
  • Create a marketing strategy to eventually incorporate a free trial before purchasing a monthly or yearly membership subscription.
  • Predictive search results, like what spotlight does, so users don’t have to type in a whole sentence once Noam gets smarter.
  • Voice Integration: Users speak to Noam and Noam speaks to users.