Craigslist APPlication Redesign

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User Research  |  User Experience Design  |  Mobile Interface Design  |  Visual Design


Why Craigslist?
Craigslist, founded in 1995, is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, etc. The design of the Craigslist app is almost the same as its website. Craigslist is lacking simplicity for people to use in comparison to its competitors.

Craigslist has too many categories and they are very confusing. It's time-consuming to search and communicate.

Merge overlapping categories, and add in-app chat functionality.

UX Researcher and Designer

2 weeks

The design process

The design process


2 Days  |  User Interviews  |  User Personas  |  Competitive Analysis

User Interviews and Synthesis

In total, I interviewed 3 people. I was able to uncover the behavior patterns of how people searched for information, as well as the major pain points and concerns while using Craigslist.

Affinity Map
Major takeaways
Persona Development

I developed two personas based on what I knew of the users’ goals, in terms of their different purposes, and the assumptions I drew from my own research on Craigslist.

Personas Copy
Competitive Analysis

Base on users’ preferences and recommendations, I researched a few applications of other competitors similar to Craigslist, some of which focus on searching for houses, like Trulia and Zillow,  some of which focus on buying & selling second-hand stuff, like Letgo and 5 miles. In doing so, I found that Craigslist was lacking a unique value proposition that really made it stand out in comparison to its competitors.

I also uncovered common patterns in the applications of these companies which helped to guide my next step design decisions.



3 Days  |  Card Sorting  |  Lo-Fi Wireframing

Card Sorting

Through card sorting and an exploration of its original categories, I chose to keep the key categories of the old and reduced some repeated ones to both address the uncovered pain points from the first set of user interviews and market research.

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Below are part of the Lo-Fi wireframes I created prior to conducting user testing.

Housing Categories
Housing Categories
Housing Filter
Housing Filter
Create a Post Page
Create a Post Page

Design and Testing

1 week  |  Usability Testing  |  Hi-Fi Prototype

Usability Testing

I used inVision to create a  clickable prototype. Two sets of user testings were conducted by giving users specific scenarios they would encounter while using the app. Below are the examples of some of the iterations I made after two rounds of usability testings.

How to delete saved posts before and after
Housing filter before and after
Hi-Fidelity Screen flows
Hi-Fidelity Prototype

Reflection and further thoughts

The information architecture of this project was more complicated than the others I had designed. It was an absolute learning experience, especially because Craigslist is an application for users with various purposes. Ultimately, this project taught me how to communicate clearly and effectively with users that had different experiences with an application.

Due to the scope of the project, I actually ended up not adding the in-app payment function. It'll be more convenient for users if they are provided with the choice, but the expense of the development needs further research.

Besides, the biggest concern of Craigslist is the reliability of other users according to the interviews. I'm looking forward to brainstorming with more people about the design solutions for this problem.