Website Redesign for Brides of California

User Research  |  User Experience Design  |  Web Design  |  Information Architecture Design


About Brides of California
Brides of California is a local wedding dress store in San Jose. They sell dresses for brides, bridesmaids, bridal parties, and accessories.

I was given a project of redesigning a local business website to an e-commerce one so that it allows users to purchase online. I chose a wedding dress website because of my own bad experience of searching for a wedding dress.

Add the purchasing functionality to the website. Redesign the website with better information architecture, in order to make it more efficient for users to search for dresses online. 

My Role
UX Researcher and Designer

2 weeks

The design process

The design process


3 Days  |  Business Research  |  User Interviews  |  User Personas  |  Competitive Analysis

User Interviews and Synthesis

To find out customers' thoughts, needs, and pain points, I interviewed three people about their wedding dress shopping expectations and experiences. The insights gathered were arranged in an affinity map before consolidating it into three user personas, including one bride-to-be, one bridesmaid-to-be, and one mother-of-the-bride.

Current Website
Customer distribution according to the store owner
Affinity Map
Persona Development

I developed three personas based on what I knew of the target users and their needs and pain points. The three personas, one a bride-to-be, one bridesmaid-to-be, and a mother-of-the-bride, are representatives of potential users of the website.

Business Research

Research the current website and interview the store owner.

Competitive Analysis


2 Days  |  Card sorting  |  Sitemap

Card Sorting

By card sorting, I organized the dresses into categories that make sense to customers and asked a few people's advice for more iterations.


Design + Testing

1 week  |  Mid-Fi Prototype  | Usability Testing  |  Hi-Fi Prototype

Usability Testing and Iterations
Hi-Fidelity Prototype